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Unfortunately I will be out of town Friday May 24-Saturday June 1st

If you need lactation support while I am away you can contact:

If you have already seen me for a visit and your benefits were approved by TLN, your insurance benefits can be transferred to any lactation consultant that you choose to work with. Just inform the LC that you have already been approved by The Lactation Network.

If you would like to schedule a lactation consultation for when I return, you can go on my website fill out an intake form, so I have all of your contact information.

Fill out an insurance form so that my billing company can preapprove your insurance benefits.

Then you can choose your appointment time and schedule it online.:

Step 1: Fill out intake form

All first time visits MUST fill out intake form. If you have met with Juli before, but with a different child, fill out an intake form for current child.

Follow-up visits may skip this step.

Fill out intake form

Step 2: Select a visit type and schedule your appointment.

In-home consultation

In-Home Consultation

Cost: $225.00 or Check insurance coverage

An In-Home Lactation Consultation can be a wonderful way to make sure breastfeeding gets off to a good start, resolve any breastfeeding issues early on and give parents the confidence to know that their baby is thriving

It is optimal to schedule a newborn consultation around day 4 postpartum or sooner if you are struggling.

In-Home Lactation Consultations last approximately 2 hours and include:

  • Observation of feeding
  • Hands on adjustments of breastfeeding positions
  • Teaching and discussion of breastfeeding management to help optimize baby’s weight gain and mother’s milk supply
  • Pre and post feeding weight checks of the baby
  • A written plan of how to improve any breastfeeding concerns

Please do not schedule an appointment before your baby is born.

If you need to schedule a Follow Up Visit, please use the link below for In-Home Follow Up Consultation.

Schedule your visit Fill out intake form

In-Home Follow Up Consultation

Cost: $150.00 or Check insurance coverage

In-Home Follow Up Consultations last approximately 1.5 hour

Optimal for:
  • Follow-up after an initial in-home consultation, to discuss additional questions and concerns
  • Going Back to Work Consultation
  • Weight gain concerns in an older infant

Schedule your visit

Telehealth consultation

Tele-Health Consultation

Cost: Initial:$150.00 Follow-up: $75 or Check insurance coverage

Tele-Health Consultations last approximately 1 hour

Optimal for:
  • Follow-up after an initial in-home consultation, to discuss additional questions and concerns
  • Going Back to Work Consultation
  • Transitioning to Exclusive Pumping Consultation
  • Older Baby Consultation
  • Weaning Consultation

Schedule your Consulation Fill out intake form

prenatal consultation

Prenatal Tele-Health Consultation

Cost: $150.00 or Check insurance coverage

Prenatal Tele-Health Consultations last approximately 1 hour

Optimal for:
  • For individuals or families preparing to give birth.

Schedule your Consulation Fill out prenatal intake form

Step 3: Verify Insurance Coverage/Payment

I work with an insurance billing company, The Lactation Network. Fill out this form to have your insurance plan pre approved so the cost of the visit can hopefully be billed directly to your insurance.

Check insurance coverage

Even if you have contacted your insurance company and they have informed you that they cover the cost of lactation services, it is optimal if you register with The Lactation Network, because if you are approved then you will not need to pay out of pocket for the visit, and subit for your own reimbursment.

The Lactation Network is an insurance billing company that I work with to process billing directly with your insurance company. Some insurance plans choose not to work with The Lactation Network. If your insurance company does not work with them, you will need to pay out of pocket for the home visit and submit directly for reimbursement.

The current law of the Affordable Care Act is that health insurance companies must pay for breastfeeding products and services. If your insurance company does not work with The Lactation Network, it is highly reccommended that you reach out to your insurance company and confirm your benefits before the visit. I typically bill under service code S9443 or 99343, diagnosis code Z39.1, you can ask if they cover those billing codes or if there is a different code that they prefer.

I charge $225 for the initial home visit or $150 for a Tele-Health consultation and provide you with paperwork to submit to your insurance for reimbursement of the cost of the visit.

$125 for a follow up home vist or $75 for a follow up Tele-Health consultation.

You can pay at the time of the visit with:

  • Cash
  • Check
  • Chase Quick Pay using the email address:
  • Venmo: @JBWlactation
  • HSA or FSA Credit cards can be used at the time of the visit.

In you have financial need, contact me and we can discuss your situation.

Covid-19 Policy

I have received 2 doses of the Covid-19 vaccine as of February 2021. I have also received 2 booster doses as of April 2022.

As a healthcare provider, I will wear a mask throughout the visit, because I travel from home to home where my clients may or may not be vaccinated.

If you or any other members of your household are fully vaccinated and have passed 2 week window of being fully vaccinated, I would be comfortable if you chose not to wear your mask during the visit.

However, if you or any other adults in the household have not been vaccinated or have not yet passed the 2 week post vaccine window, I would appreciate if masks are worn throughout the consultation.

Please let me know if you or anyone in your family has recently tested positive or knowingly been exposed to someone that has tested positive for Covid-19.